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What is NextArch Foundation?

The NextArch Foundation is a global non-profit foundation that hosts key technology projects for the digital transformation of businesses around the world. It brings together the world’s top developers, end users and suppliers to jointly contribute to solving industry challenges and enterprise digital transformation. In short, what the NextArch Foundation needs to solve is the difficulty of compatibility between framework protocols and the high threshold for project use in multi-cloud, heterogeneous and other scenarios, so as to meet the needs of enterprises for new business and new scenarios in the future.

Our goal is to help enterprises digitally transform by building a neutral and open next-generation architecture foundation that leverages project collaboration, best practices, industry exchanges, and more.

Our vision is to build an open source ecosystem with next-generation architecture suitable for enterprise development through an open and neutral governance model, and to promote technological innovation and business growth.

Why is NextArch Foundation needed?

In recent years, the term “new generation” or “next generation” has been continuously derived in the context of technological evolution. This includes but is not limited to new technical architecture, data storage, heterogeneous hardware, R&D efficiency, network communication, etc. Global technology development is further accelerated. According to statistics, if you refer to the Gartner technology maturity curve and divide it according to the stages of infancy, overheating, disillusionment, recovery and maturity, new concepts will mature almost every 3 years. Changes have also occurred.

There are hundreds of components and tools built around different technology architectures, and there are multiple tools and solutions for each specific problem, which requires developers to make choices – knowing what problem each tool is trying to solve, what trade-offs, and how it compares with other components compatibility, and then find the most suitable tool for your own development needs. However, it can be seen that each component or tool requires learning costs, and many components take a long time to build. These problems will affect the company’s ability to keep up with the development of new technologies.

With the wide application of cloud native, big data, blockchain and other technologies in various scenarios, enterprises have increasingly strong governance requirements for new technologies. In addition, they also need richer industry solutions, integration solutions, software and hardware solutions Integrated architecture, etc. to solve problems such as scale and commercialization. But there is currently no mature ecosystem to deal with these problems.

Based on this background, the NextArch Foundation was born. What it needs to solve is the difficulty of compatibility between framework protocols and the high threshold for component use in scenarios such as heterogeneity, so as to meet the needs of enterprises for new services and new scenarios in the future.

Do I need to be a member to participate?

No, all are welcome to participate in NextArch projects, the NextArch Slack channel, mailing lists, and NextArch events.

Why should I join NextArch Foundation as a member?

These slides give a good overview.

How can I sponsor NextArch Foundation events?

Please see our webpage on upcoming NextArch events. You can also download the sponsorship prospectus to see the current sponsorship opportunities. Any questions, email.

What is the relationship between the NextArch Foundation and The Linux Foundation?

The Linux Foundation is the parent of NextArch. We are one of the LF’s largest sub-foundations. For more information on the LF project and how to get involved, visit their web page.

Would my project be a good fit for the NextArch Foundation?

The NextArch Foundation “uses open source to empower the industry and help the digital transformation of the industry”, by creating a collaborative ecosystem and solutions, to lower the threshold for technology use, promote the implementation of open source technology, and generate more user cases.

The project scope of NextArch includes but is not limited to all projects under LF. At the same time, NextArch will help projects reach end users and solve the “last mile” of the open source project industry. Finally, we hope that the projects we work with are up and running and proven to solve digital transformation problems.