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Technical Oversight Committee

NextArch Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) is the technical governing body of the NextArch Foundation. It admits and oversees all projects in the NextArch Foundation and has a mandate to facilitate driving neutral consensus for:

  • Defining and maintaining the technical vision for the NextArch Foundation
  • Approving new projects within the scope for NextArch, and create a conceptual architecture for the projects, aligning projects, removing or archiving projects
  • Accepting feedback from end user committee and map to projects
  • Aligning interfaces to components under management (code reference implementations before standardizing), and defining common practices to be implemented across NextArch projects, if any.


CTO, DataPipeline

Yili Chen

Director, Cloud Computing Dept,CAICT

ZhiYong Dong

DongTai Product Manager


Co-founder of Allegro Networks

Feng Qiang

ChinaUnicom Cloud Department Director

Sting Feng

Technical VP of Agora

Hang Geng

Mulan Community Operations Director

Xudong Guo

Senior Cloud Native Architect at Jihu Gitlab

Qiangning HONG

CTO, Yashi Technology

Jim Xu

Principal Engineer, Zenlayer; LF Edge Board member

Rui Li

Associate Professor,Peng Cheng Lab.

Nan Qi

DiDi Principal Engineer

Zuoyan Qin

Chair, Xiaomi Open Source Committee

Mark Shan

Chair, Tencent Open Source Alliance

Yang Shen

CIO&VP,Digital China Group Co., Ltd.

Zhihong SHEN

Professor, Director of Big Data Department, CNIC-CAS(Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

TJ Tang

Tapdata Founder & CEO

Tina Tsou

Enterprise Architect, Arm; TSC Chair, Akraino

Feng Wang

Head of Infrastructure of Qihoo360, Toc Member of OpenAtom foundation.

Junpeng WANG

Technical Partner and VP of DataCanvas

Xiaobo Wang

Technical AVP of

Ming Wen co-founder & CEO

Tianguo Xiao

CEO, Huayou Technology

Gary Xu

Technical partner of Harmonycloud

Liyun Yang

Research Director,CESI & Mulan Community

Wen Yang

AfterShip Senior Manager

Dingding Ye

Co-founder & CTO of GrowingIO

He Zhang

Full Professor of Software Engineering and the Director of DevOps+ Research Laboratory at the Nanjing University

Liang Zhang

SphereEx Founder & CEO

Zheng Ran

Outstanding R&D Architect of Baidu

Zhao Zheng

VP of Engineering & Principle Infrastructure Architect, 4Paradigm

Wanlong Lu

Director,Yeepay Co., Ltd.

Jet Lou

Chief Architect,Zhongneng Integrated Smart Energy Technology Co.,LTD